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Triangle TeslA

Brief History

Triangle Tesla was independently created in December 2015 as an unofficial owners group by a handful of Tesla owners chatting online.  In July 2016, Triangle Tesla became an officially sanctioned and licensed Tesla owners group with Tesla, Inc. under the official name Tesla Owners Club of NC Triangle as an Unincorporated Association.   In March 2018 we completed incorporation in the state of North Carolina as a non-profit social organization and have federal designation as a 501(c)7 non-profit.  We continue to use Triangle Tesla as our unofficial working name.  Triangle Tesla is and will always be run by Tesla owners.  We currently have over 300 members.

To sign up as a member click the link below:
Become a Member

Membership is $10 per year to cover operational expenses, permits, liability insurance, member items, and the lending program. 
For any difficulties with the sign up process, please email

Membership FAQ

The below FAQ has information for current and future Tesla owners interested in membership with Triangle Tesla.  The ability to sign up is above at the Become a Member link. Membership is not required to come to any public event.  Occasional member only events will require membership.  Anyone interested in Tesla, owner or not, is welcome at any of our public events/meetups. The primary purpose of Triangle Tesla is to enhance the ownership experience. 

Who can join Triangle Tesla?
Triangle Tesla membership is open to owners and future owners of Tesla vehicles who live in North Carolina.  Even if you do not currently own a Tesla, you are welcome to join as a member. 

What if I don't live in the NC Triangle area?
NC Triangle is the area we are based out of and where most meetups will occur but anyone who resides in the state of North Carolina permanently or part-time is welcome to join.   

What are the benefits of membership?
Benefits include:

  • A cool bunch of people that periodically meet for socializing or events
  • Access to member only events
  • A Tesla Owners of NC Triangle member mug (preferably received by attending a meetup, can be requested to be mailed)
  • Access to the lending program which allows use of any of the following items at no charge for up to 30 days per year
    • CHAdeMO adapter
    • CCS1 adapter (limited to 1 week checkouts currently)
    • NEMA 14-50 adapter for mobile connector
    • Mobile Connector bundle with standard 120v wall adapter
    • Mobile Connector bundle with NEMA 14-50 and standard 120v wall adapter
    • Model S OEM spare wheel
    • Model 3 OEM spare wheel
    • Model 3 Modern Spare kit
    • Model Y Modern Spare kit

What is a typical event like?
Most events are basic meetups which involve gathering at a set location to meet other owners, talk about our cars, and sometimes have a meal or drink.  Moving forward, we will also be looking at other options and opportunities.  Anyone is welcome to come to our public meetups and we encourage non-owners to come discover the benefits of Tesla and electric transport.  Occasionally we will have an event for members and their guests that is not open to the public.  

​What are the dues/costs/fees and what are they used for?
Member dues are $10 per year.  Some events may have a fee, such as a paid dinner event, but most are free to all.  Dues will cover the basic operational expenses of the organization now that we are incorporated and pay for items such as the member management system, member mug, member badges, permits for events, and liability insurance.  

What happens if I don't renew my membership?
You will get several email reminders to renew membership when the time is near.   While we would like everyone to renew their membership, should you let it lapse for whatever reason, your account will be switched from a "Member" account to a "Free Member" account and won't be disabled.  You will still have the same access and receive member emails.  What would not be available to you would be any future member event discounts or future member items that are purchased with member dues.  At some point your account may be moved to a separate mailing list due to there being a per user cost to our member management system.   Even after that, you will always have the option to renew and re-activate your old account to start another year as a full "Member" account.   As a note, the "Free Member" account is only applied to previously paid members.  There is no option to sign up for a "Free Member" account.    

What is expected of members?
Nothing specifically. All events are optional and usually don't have a hard schedule. With respect to your vehicle, Triangle Tesla will never ask you to allow anyone else to interact with your vehicle in any way.  You're free to make your own decisions regarding interaction with your vehicle.  Triangle Tesla, as an organization, does not sponsor or provide test rides or test drives at our events.  Any owner choosing to provide a test ride or test drive is doing so as an individual, separate from the Triangle Tesla organization. 

Is this an Elon Musk fan club?
No! The primary purpose of the club is to enhance and support the ownership experience. 

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